Hip,Hip Hurray! Graduation Sale Is Here!!


Hooray! You did it!  It is your Graduation Day !

The biggest day of your life, thus so far undoubtedly!!

And although it feels like only yesterday your parents were dropping you off at your first year halls of staying home ,with tears in their eyes,and now they are back with pride in their face, to share the one of the happiest  moment in your life.

There is no reason to be worried, but lot of reasons to be excited for your Graduation day!
Aside from graduating there are few important things that you have got to look forward to, about your special day.

Make sure whatever you decide to wear under your graduation robe is comfortable for you to both walk and sit. Also be sure , not to wear  ridiculous shoes (remember! you have to walk on the stage!) comfy only ,to avoid  blisters and bruises ,because you had tripped frantically on the stage.
Take your parents or whomever helped pay for your education, out to dinner.
Thank your teachers. Teachers want their students to go on and do great things, but we don’t always take the time to thank them. So do it this day.! Let them know how much they’ve influenced you or just that you appreciated their work.
Wear your graduation cap right on top of your head.!  It does not go on the back of your head. Yes, your hair will get crushed and you will look ridiculous but that’s the whole point of the cap.
O.k we had enough for the “G” day, let us see what Zazzle has in store for your special day.
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Source: https://www.zazzle.com/photo_block_with_flowers-256000591643057133?CMPN=emc_en-us_ProductCreationForStore_Inky_Wordpress&tc=emc_ProductCreationForStore&emid=9LTjkKHMYEea3w5Bs3JLUA&rf=238625503972086358